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Why om? (Aum)

Posted on 18 August, 2015 at 15:30

Why do we sing this? What's the connection? Does that symbol really mean anything?

These are all questions I had (and many more) when I first started on my yogic path. There is sooooo much literature out there it's easy to get bogged down. You can derive some several thousand meanings from Om. I've compiled a list of facts & anecdotes for you to read. Hopefully, there is something in there that resonates with YOU. Something that brings a smile to your face, or curiosity in your soul. Something that brings a sense of peace to your very being.


~ In 2010, a lady from the Boston-Connecticut area had done a research where they recorded the sound Om, put it in the computer and found that the frequency of Om is exactly the same as the frequency of earths rotation around its own axis. So, in some sense, earth is saying Om. It is the name of the infinity or the Divinity. It is the origin of the universe.

~ Before practice, you sing Om to create the vibration

~ The sound of Om encompasses all words, all sounds in human language Om is a matrix of all sounds. Linguistically, all audible sounds are produced in the space within the mouth beginning at the root of the tongue and ending at the lips. The throat sound is A, and M is the lip sound; and the sound U represents the rolling forward of speech articulation which starts at the root of the tongue, continuing until it ends in the lips.

~ It is a complete vibration. ‘Ah’ - affects the lower part of the body, ‘Oh’ - affects the middle part, ‘Mm’ - affects the upper part.

~ AUM represents the 3 Fold Division of Time. A is the waking state, U is the dream state, M is the state of deep sleep. At the end of AUM is a pause, a silence. This represents the state known as Turiya, or Infinite Consciousness.

~ Om is called the sound of one hand clapping. Om is the eternal sound; Om is the sound which is there in the universe all the time. All the saints in the past, when they went deep into meditation, they just heard Om. It is the sound of creation.

~ It means love, eternity, purity, peace. Om means truth.

~ The visual symbol represents the meaning of AUM. The symbol Om visually consists of three curves, one semicircle, and a dot. The large bottom curve symbolizes the waking state, A. The middle curve signifies the dream state, U. The upper curve denotes the state of deep sleep, M. The dot signifies the fourth state of consciousness, Turiya.

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