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The Story Behind Fenix Yoga

Yes, this body has arthritis!

I am a 'walking testament' of the benefits of yoga. If you looked at the image above, would you believe that I was barely walking 7 years ago. Prior to my transformation, my arthritis symptoms were so severe that I was in constant high levels of pain, and my nervous system was on overload as a result. Although I do still experience symptoms now & again, I have been able to calm my nervous system and heal my body.... to the point that I no longer take immunosuppressant therapy as a form of treatment. Come to class and learn how I did it!

The arthritis flare up was also a symptom of a much bigger problem going on ..... incredibly high levels of STRESS!!! A few years prior I had lost my home & possessions to a house fire, and to say that it 'messed me up' would be an understatement. I felt I could not take the time to heal my spirit & grieve the loss of many important treasures as well as feelings of safety and worthiness. I tried to push through it, but after a few years of poor coping, everything just fell apart; my body, my mind, my life.

I know that if I didn't have yoga in my life during these very difficult times, I would be a very different person, and my life would have taken a very different path. One that would have been a lot darker, more negative & very unhealthy. Yoga helped show me the light, and taught me that it was ok that I felt broken or cracked, as that's how the light gets in! Every day I find myself just a little more patient, compassionate and connected to myself, others and the bigger picture. And it all started with taking a yoga class at lunch time once a week.

I'm hopeful that my words & journey will inspire you to give it a try for yourself. All you need is an open mind and a desire to improve your strength, joint health and overall wellness while decreasing the stress response and learning to be more aware of your breath & body. Yes, yoga can do ALL that .... and much more.