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Penticton Yoga Therapy Fall 2017 Schedule

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Therapeutic Pain Management Series. Levels I & II.

A gentle series with an alignment based approach suitable for those with any type of injury including myofascial injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents. Also ideal for those living with chronic pain, high levels of stress or autoimmune disorders.

With first hand experience of living with chronic pain, auto immune arthritis & in depth knowledge of yoga & anatomy, I’m the ideal yoga instructor to help you calm your nervous system and regain your mobility .... SAFELY!!!

A pre class assessment will determine which level of class is most appropriate. Results will be tracked & results demonstrated.  Multiple modifications given & alignment adjustments via touch are rarely used.

Session 1 : Mondays 10:30am Sept 11 - Mon Nov 6, 2017 (8 Weeks) NO CLASS OCT 9th

Session 2 : Thursdays 3pm Sept 28 - Thurs Nov 2, 2017 (6 Weeks)

Session 3 Chair Class : Fridays 12:30pm Sept 29 - Fri Nov 6, 2017 (6 Weeks)

Session 1 Tuition : $120      Session 2 Tuition : $90       Session 3 Tuition : $90

Tuition for both Mon & Thurs Sessions : $198

FREE Therapeutic Wellness Series with Mental Health Focus. 

Relax your mind while experiencing the soothing meditative qualities of yoga. This series explores basic & gentle yoga poses to promote conscious mind/body relaxation, while working to combat stress and fatigue. This class is dedicated to those experiencing anxiety, depression, emotional fatigue and/or pain.  

PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU WISH TO ATTEND                     Sponsored by the Mental Wellness Centre  Wednesdays at 2pm                                                                    Next Session Starts Sept 13th, 2017

Yoga Fix Therapeutic Series (Previously Known as Beginners+).

This series is designed for anyone who has taken a beginner series with me or another instructor. Our main focus will be on mindful movement, and 'fixing' the multitude of imbalances created in your body from your existing lifestyle. Each class will be themed around such topics as mental & physical health benefits of the poses, breathing techniques and meditative reflections. An assessment is included and results will be tracked & recorded.

Session 1 : Wednesdays 5pm Sept 27 - Wed Dec 20, 2017 (13 Weeks)

Session 2 : Mondays 5pm Oct 2 - Mon Dec 18, 2017 (12 Weeks) NO CLASS OCT 9th.

Session 1 Tuition : $195          Session 2 Tuition : $180      Tuition for Both Sessions : $351

Yoga Foundations Therapeutic Series. 

This entry level Hatha class brings strength and focus to your practice. An 8 week series introducing you to the various categories of poses like forward bends & standing poses. You have time to move deeper into your postures, exploring variations & modifications, while gaining a clearer understanding of alignment. As an all-levels class, beginners will gain knowledge of the structure of postures; while more advanced practitioners can work on strength, precision and alignment. A pre series assessment and results tracking will demonstrate results.

Session 1 : Mondays 6:30pm Sept 11 - Mon Nov 6, 2017 (8 Weeks) NO CLASS OCT 9th.

Session 2 : Thursdays 6:30pm  Sept 28 - Thurs Nov 15, 2017 (8 Weeks)

Session 1 Tuition : $120         Session 2 Tuition : $120       Tuition for Both Sessions : $224

All Levels Gentler Yoga in Kaleden

This is the only non therapeutic series that I am offering. Join us at the Kaleden Hall where various beginner poses will be covered, as well as basic breathing techniques & yogic principles. Suitable for those who are new to yoga as well as the more experienced yogi. 

$15 DROP IN                                                   Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9am

Stress Reducing Therapeutic Restorative Yoga Series. 

Learn various techniques to help you calm your mind, reduce your stress levels & improve your overall wellness. Tap into your body's natural ability to heal itself by gently encouraging it to release tension. Restorative yoga is particularly beneficial as a tool to help release fascial tension. A pre class assessment will determine which level of class is most appropriate. Results will be tracked & results demonstrated.

Session 1 : Tuesdays 7:30pm   Sept 12 - Tues Oct 24, 2017 (8 Weeks)

Session 2 : Wednesdays 7:30pm   Sept 27 - Wed Nov 15, 2017 (8 Weeks) 

Session 1 Tuition : $120       Session 2 Tuition : $120     Tuition for Both Sessions : $224

FREE Trauma Informed Yoga Series for SOWINS Clients.

Through practice & discussion, blending meditation, body awareness and yoga, discover how our bodies handle & resolve stress neurologically. In these classes you will learn to develop and draw on your inner resources to bring  about greater balance, coping skills, stability & well being.


@SOWINS                   Next Session Runs September 8 - October 27th, 2017